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September 21, 2015

3 Quick Lessons Entrepreneurs can learn from
“The Flash”

 1. Believe in the impossible


When he was a child, he saw his mother killed by something impossible. His father went to prison for her murder. Then an accident made him the impossible. He became the fastest man alive “The Flash”. He showed persistence yet stayed humble when others called his theory impossible.

Having a cool attitude towards naysayers and still constantly working on your idea can do wonders for your startup. And once you prove yourself, you will be seen as a real-life superhero “who has seen what others can’t see and did what others can’t even consider possible.”
That’s what Entrepreneurs do, that’s what Steve Jobs did, that’s what Elon Musk is doing. They follow their dreams and explore unchartered territories.
They see the possible in the imPOSSIBLE.


2. SuperSpeed


It is not unheard that The Flash can run even at the speed of light. Some of you who have studied some physics might laugh it away but let me tell you a different story from “my frame of reference :)”.

“Flash” is not real but still VERY real.
Flash is not real because he is not an actual living human being.
BUT he is very real because he is an Idea, he is a thought, he is a concept.
And tell you what, thoughts and Ideas can travel at the speed of light.

You must be wondering how, let me tell you a secret, there is this thing called the internet.
Yes you heard that right, you may not move as quickly as The Flash but your ideas and thoughts can. Just as The Flash can be present on two places at the same time. Your ideas can reach thousands at the same time. Whether you are an aspiring Entrepreneur or a small business owner, whether you are product based or service based. Today your online presence matters a lot because on foot, on a bicycle, on a ship or even on a jet you can’t beat “The Flash”.


3. Be creative and Make the most of your abilities.


When it comes to super strength, Flash is not the first one that comes to your mind. He’s not regularly lifting cars like HULK or deflecting bullets from his eyes like superman. However, creative use of his speed results in the most deadly and powerful punches of all. His “Infinite Mass Punch” where he accelerates his arm up to the speed of light virtually gaining infinite mass and momentum before delivering the punch. His ability to vibrate at super high frequencies to get pass through obstacles or to dodge the bullets showered at him, are some of the many jaw-dropping examples of his creativity with his super speed.

As an Entrepreneur, the same is expected of you, it is not a “should”, it is a “must”. You must have to be creative and make most of your abilities if you’re even thinking of becoming a success. In today’s marketplace where there is cut-throat competition and an army of similar startups targeting the same market segment, it comes down to just one thing – Creativity, how differently you can place yourself before the consumers, what makes you stand out even when you are providing similar services.

As Amazon’s founder, CEO quoted “If you can’t feed a team with two pizzas, it’s too large.”
And that is true for most of the startups that are just starting out. You need less but very efficient people. Many a times you will need to fulfill different roles and work out of your comfort zone. When you are starting out small, it is impossible that you just stick to your forte and leave out all the rest, your are not working for a big multinational company with huge departments for each individual tasks. Maybe you are the marketing/sales guy but also fulfilling the role of a content writer if required or may be your forte is R&D but also requires to manage operations.

Here in this situation it is very important not to lose heart and handle the work smartly; you can always mix things up, see it as an opportunity. You can use your existing knowledge of say sales to write persuading and engaging content. Or if you are a technical person you can spice up the content with some geeky sarcasm [ We all love Sheldon, don’t we? :) ] all it needs is just a little creativity. Mixing things like this adds a new flavour to your content, and might make it stand out from the rest. By mixing things up you can create yourself your own Infinite Mass Punch.

Enough of the lessons, it is now time to implement what you learned from the Red Streak the super speedster of the Marvel Universe.
Now, RUN Barry RUN!