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September 18, 2015

Increase your email click-through-rate with these 5 tweaks

1.Grab the attention of your users with a well-thought subject  and pre-header text

Many email marketers believe that the subject line decides whether someone opens your mail or not.

The subject line is the first thing your users view when the open their inbox. So you need to make sure that the subject lines are specific, concise and eye-catching.
In addition to the subject line, many email clients also display a pre-header text with the subject line.

What is pre-header text ?
Pre-header text is a short snippet of text that is displayed with the subject line to tip off the user about the content of the email.

Preheader text on mo
Here’s an example in Gmail

Thus, being able to craft a perfect subject line and pre-header text is a very critical part of your email campaign because without getting your email opened by the user, it is impossible to get the users respond to your cta.
Check out EVM index for more tips on writing engaging email subject lines.
note- While most of the modern browser support preheader text, check out the ones that don’t(with link)

Now that we have increased our email open rate(hopefully) let us get the user to respond to our cta.


2.The squint test – make your CTA obvious to your user.

The very simple Squint test can help us make sure that our cta button is as visible to the user as it is to us.

Squint test for email
Preview of squint test done on an email

You cta button should be very prominent in the squint test of your email. If you can pick out your call to action in the squint test, it is unlikely that your user will miss it.
Use this Chrome extension for squint test and make sure your email passes the squint test.

Let’s get started to make your email pass the squint test and increase your CTR


3.Make sure your cta is not a text link, but a button (an HTML button if you can).

What is the objective of an email campaign? To get the user to click on your CTA, and what is hardwired to our brains when thinking about clicking? Buttons, Right!

So it is preferable that you use buttons for your CTA instead of a text link as it will prompt the readers to click.
Your CTA button should be persuasive, convincing and more descriptive with what your user will get rather than a generic term like “Click here”.

One Email, One CTA

Make sure that do not litter your email with buttons all over the place. More choices given to the users often leads to fewer conversion rates. Check out How Whirlpool increased their ctr after sticking to this strategy.

So, decide upon a single primary CTA for an email – one email | one CTA.
Note – However you can include secondary CTA’s with text links embedded in your content.

HTML Buttons vs Images

Now, these CTA buttons can either be images or HTML buttons. We would urge you to prefer HTML buttons because then your CTA button will not be dependent on whether your users have images enabled in their email client(mind you, Most email clients disable images by default), will also load faster and will not vanish if your image server is down.

Note- if having an image button is inevitable, then make sure to add an alt text for your image(optional link).

You can check out this link to place your CTA button perfectly in your email.


4.Your user can be on any device – make your emails responsive

With more than 40% of the emails now being opened on mobiles, you don’t want your users to pinch and zoom your email to find your CTA button (and trust us, no one will take such pains).

If your email doesn’t look good on mobiles, users will click a button – THE UNSUBSCRIBE BUTTON. Check out the survey by BLUEHornets, which shows that 80.3% users will delete your email and 30.2% will unsubscribe if it is not mobile-optimized.

Make your email responsive
Resonsive Email Guide.

5. Ps:

What if your user scrolls down right to the bottom of your email, overlooking all the hard work you put in designing the email. You can still engage them with a smart PS section.

The PS section content technique is backed by a proven psychological trait called the Serial position effect that states that items placed in the last draw as much attention as the items placed at the beginning of a series.
So how can you make use of this awesome power of Ps section –

You can mention your CTA in this section, but with a little different approach.
Mention and additional discount or feature about your product/services.
Create an urgency in the minds of your users.Like mentioning a “valid until” date for an offer.

Tell  us about some more tweaks that worked for you in the comments.